Skills Connect Course

The Skills Connect course will provide the opportunity for participants to identify their own employability skills or gaps that they can further improve in order to enhance job seeking skills and reach potential success in gaining employment.

In this course, you will be reviewing past resume’s, jobs, life skills & experience to a create a plan to achieve further training and ultimately a pathway to future employment.

Date: Thursday 15th July – 5th August
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Cost: Funded – $20.00
Concession – $10.00
Venue: NCLC – 99 Melville St, Numurkah

Introduction to Community Services

This aim of the program is to assist participants to make an informed choice before enrolling in an accredited course. The course will provide an opportunity to discover the skills and knowledge required to work in Individual Support, Disabilities, Education Support and Youth Work along with the employment potential within our area.

Date: Thursday 12th August – 16th September Time: 9:30am – 112:30pm
Cost: Funded – $30.00
Concession – $20.00
Venue: NCLC – 99 Melville St, Numurkah

Introduction to Horticulture

This course is designed to not only help you learn skills for entry into a full certificate course in horticulture but will show you ways to grow food in your home garden which you can use to make $$$ from sales at markets and stalls. Saving the planet and saving money at the same time is the benefit of knowing when and what to grow in your home garden. This is a great chance to learn in a local environment.

Date: Wednesday 6th October – 15th December (10 sessions)
Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm
Cost: Funded – $40.00
Concession – $30.00
Venue: 13 Murray Avenue Community House & Garden

Skills for Work and Study

This program aims to:

  • Improve the literacy and numeracy skills of adults in a program that is relevant to community services
  • Strengthen pathway outcomes for learners by building the skills and capabilities necessary to participate in employment, entry level VET programs or additional pre-accredited programs

Days: Monday’s and Tuesday’s (20 sessions)
Date: 12th July – 14th September
Time: 9am – 3pm
Cost: FREE
Venue: NCLC – 99 Melville St, Numurkah

Food Redi Course

The Food Redi program helps you to save money on food shopping and eat healthy. With hands on guidance on preparing and cooking easy and delicious meals.

Date: Wednesday 21st July – 11th August   Date: Wednesday 25th August – 15th September Time: 11:30am – 1.30pm
Cost: Funded – $40.00
Concession – $30.00
Venue: NCLC – 99 Melville St, Numurkah